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Author: Sandra Ruf
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The first quarter of the year is already behind us and April brings important updates and new features for Rimscout. This time the focus is on the identification and analysis of the providers you use and the further development of the location tagging.

Read this blog post to learn more about the new features and how you can make the most of them in your IT environment.

Optimize network performance with new provider detection

Today, almost every business depends on the speed and stability of its Internet connection. Knowing which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using is therefore critical and essential for optimal network performance. This information can help you monitor the quality of your provider’s service, negotiate service level agreements (SLAs) based on reliable data, and make more informed decisions when selecting or changing providers.

But what specific problems can a provider cause in your network? Basically, the ISP can cause a variety of problems. These include unstable connections, bandwidth bottlenecks, latency issues, and even complete outages. However, network performance fluctuations caused by the provider are often difficult to diagnose. Due to an inadequate database, the provider is often under the radar of many administrators.

The latest provider detection in Rimscout gives you a precise insight into the latency data of the providers your customers are connected to – regardless of whether they are in the office or working from home. This makes Provider Detection not only the next logical step in network monitoring, but also a critical tool for quickly responding to provider-related errors and outages.

New update of the Health division

The Health section in the Rimscout portal has long been the heart of our software and is always the starting point for narrowing down your performance problems. Here you can see the health status of the monitored services and network components at a glance. Over the past few months, the Health section has grown steadily with the addition of sub-pages that provide an overview of services, locations, and most recently, providers.

In order to continue to provide a clear and intuitive interface, we have redesigned the Health section and replaced the sub-pages with corresponding filter options on the main page. This makes it even easier to navigate the health data in Rimscout, as there is no need to jump back and forth between different pages.

In addition to filtering, the Services, Locations, Providers, and Clients tabs have been introduced. The redesigned interface gives you a quick overview of your network without the need to scroll. This allows you to quickly draw conclusions about the cause of your performance problems by displaying conspicuous services, locations, or providers.

The list of clients in your network has also been updated. With the redesign of Health, it now shows all clients, not just the five worst. This makes it even easier to understand who reported problems and when.

Advanced location tagging

With each update, we work to continuously improve location tagging and adapt it to your needs and wishes. For this quarter, we have implemented the following new features in the Rimscout portal:

  • Admins who already maintain Active Directory sites in their network will now find an extended way to use them thanks to the location tagging feature in Rimscout.
  • The introduction of the new “Country” parameter when creating locations makes it easier to differentiate between clients in different countries, e.g. in the home office.
  • Defining locations using IP addresses has been simplified with the ability to group different addresses using commas.
  • Creating a location is now more efficient because data from an installed client can be used directly to pre-fill the parameters.

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