Training on the Job

Together with our cloud readiness experts, you will discover everything you need to know about the requirements of the cloud for your network. In addition, you will receive practical tips and recommendations. 


With Rimscout, we measure the quality of your network in your company and deliver suitable measures for you. In this way, your network is optimally adapted to the cloud environment. 

User satisfaction 

A properly scaled network keeps users satisfied and avoids later root cause analysis for performance problems.
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Rimscout Network Assessment 

Your key to cloud readiness

Nowadays, the network plays a key role in the smooth running of many companies. Cloud services such as Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online or SharePoint are an integral part of many workflows. However, a common problem in cloud projects is performance issues, which are often caused in the network. Many times, these problems go unnoticed and remain under your radar. However, if not fixed in time, these performance limitations can lead to high consequential costs and loss of productivity.

With a properly scaled network, your employees can work more efficiently and are less affected by connectivity issues and performance limitations. 

You want to migrate your enterprise data to the cloud and need a network check or want to optimize your current configurations?

Get cloud-ready with us!

Scope of the Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our “training on the job” approach enables you to learn everything important about the requirements of the cloud for your network together with us. Practical tips and recommendations are imparted to you directly. 

The Rimscout Network Assessment is customized to your organization. In the three-day workshop, our experts from Net at Work perform an analysis of your current network health with Rimscout. 

Together, we determine your cloud readiness status and derive further targeted measures to optimally adapt your network to the cloud environment. 

Network Assessment Setup 

The Cloud Readiness Assessment consists of three consecutive building blocks: 

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